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I know it’s hard to believe but I agree with Donald Trump.

If someone takes daddy’s money and, with it, becomes an incompetent investor who ruins his businesses and the lives of the little people who work for him by making bad, poorly timed, real estate and aviation investment decisions then that person has the fiduciary responsibility to use every legal means available to protect his investors.

The little people are expendable because they are not major investors. And, if one is one’s own biggest investor then one should remind the little people that they should celebrate because they did not have their money tied up in bad involvements.

Everyone wins! Papa Trump would be proud of the destruction.

<This message was brought to you by the Center for Cynical Snark with funding from the Foundation for Weight Shaming Promotion, the Defense of Unethical Bankruptcy Fund, and you our members>

L’Shanah Tovah (Now… off to repent… Join me Donald, won’t you?)