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What a pity that President Trump, the grandmaster of  “The Art of the Deal“, cannot even bring members of his own party together to agree on one of his signature agenda items. 
President Trump is unable to enact anything he promised. Usually, when he tries, he is thwarted by the checks and balances of the American constitution. Thank God. 

This time he thwarted himself and simultaneously proved that he’s not even a competent dealmaker.

I feel like I am yelling this into a vacuum. But, I have to say it again.

To my Republican friends, of which I have many, i’m begging you to realize that Donald Trump is not a Republican. I am not a Republican but I share many of your values. We may differ widely on social issues but I’m on your side regarding limited government, personal responsibility, and fiscal prudence. I am a Democrat and I would do more to advance your agenda than your own president. He is not one of you and you should not feel obligated to support him. 

You are setting yourself up to lose a lot of Senate and House seats. Personally, I’m OK with that. But, when you do, you need to realize that it was your choice of presidential candidate that did that. 

Please, for God’s sake, recognize that President Trump is not a Republican, not the negotiation genius that he says he is, and not looking out for your interests. You don’t need to be supportive of a guy who isn’t one of you and isn’t even supportive of you.

Let’s continue to disagree on social issues, even to disagree on fiscal issues, even to disagree on the role of government. But, let’s look for someone who, in future, can bring us all together rather than someone who cannot even bring all of his own party together to implement the most important agenda item he had on his to do list.

I will start by clearly stating that, in what I am about to say, I am NOT comparing Donald Trump to Hitler. That is NOT what I am about to say.

That said, if you compare Trump’s 2015 blanket statements about “tracking Muslims” to the blanket statements made about Jews in Germany in the 1930’s, you will see some very (as Leonard Peikoff says) ominous parallels. 

Think about it. Much of the world, the US included, has economic problems. We have the most divisive political bodies that have existed in my lifetime. A tiny fraction of the Muslim community is radical and, it is true, that it’s getting worse. People need to feel like their government is looking out for them. In that environment people feel vulnerable and, if one wants to lead the United States, what better way than to pick a scapegoat and to foster fear.

In the 1930s, the Jews were Europe’s scapegoat and the leadership of the National  Socialist Party used fear to gain support. Adolph Hitler was the absolute master of fear mongering. First it was fear of criminals, then Soviet Military personnel, then Jews, then homosexuals, then pacifists, and on, and on. By far the largest group of scapegoats was the Jews. Look where that led.

Now we have a growing radical Muslim element throughout the world. Every Republican presidential candidate is, in one way or another, using this tragic evil to build a culture of fear. But, you have to admit that the worst exploiter of fear is Donald Trump. We Anericans can’t let that be acceptable. We can’t just pick a group to hate. We can’t let Trump to do to Islam what Hitler did to Judaism.

Now, Mr. Trump is right to say that we have to get tougher. No question. But, when a guy proposes a registry of Muslims, tweets white supremacist web links, and, of the terroriststs, says “we’ve got to take out their families”, the line has been crossed. 

So, I repeat, Trump is no Hitler. But, what the man preaches is pure racist, anti-Muslim, fear mongering. It is too close to that which started the West’s greatest decade of shame. Please don’t fall victim to generalized hatred. Hate terrorists. I do. But please don’t support Donald Trump in hating an entire group of people.