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130 people were killed, and hundreds more wounded, in the horrific attacks in Paris. At least 19 people died when murders in the guise of “religious” zealots attacked a hotel in Mali. Yesterday Belgum went to its highest threat level and warned its people not to congregate. It seems that many people think that simply saying “Allahu Akbar” before murdering people in cold blood, absolves all the sin of taking a life. That is horrific, criminal, sinful, and, in a word, immoral. These people are acting out their psychoses in the name of God; using God as no more than an excuse: it’s intolerable.

But, I tell you from experience that this is NOT a trait of Islam and that Muslims are not de facto murderers. The problem is that a tiny fraction of a billion people is still a lot of whackos. Yet, to fear Islam and to act our violently or prejudicially against law-abiding, everyday Muslims is also tragic.

Yesterday, presidential candidate Donald Trump advocated (or perhaps simply did not dispute) the idea of a national registry for Muslims. As horrible as the psychopaths are, who murder Parisians and storm hotels yelling Allahu Akbar, the idea of a national registry is equally reprehensible. 

We are not Nazis. We need no Muslim version of the Nuremburg laws. We are a nation that must respect religious diversity. There is no other choice if the United States wants to remain a beacon of Liberty. No other choice!

Do you want to know when the hate-filled, radical, Islamic psychopaths are winning the war against the west? It’s when even a fraction of one percent of the American people think it’s okay to do to Muslims what the Nazis did to the Jews with the Nuremburg laws. 

I personally don’t care how many of the insane nutcases die or kill themselves in the name of 70 virgins, the hidden Iman, or an eschatology of golden paved streets of Islamic glory. I do care when they take other human life with them. I do care that the don’t respect every individual human soul. I do care when they are arbitrary. I do care about every dead human being and every grieving survivor.

But, as I care about each of these individuals, I also remember that they ARE INDIVIDUALS; and our American society must stand up for the value of every individual. We can’t do that when we allow a presidential candidate to advocate for government registries.

Do you want to know when the hate-filled, radical, Islamic psychopaths are winning the war against the west? It’s right now. It’s when we are scared enough to sacrifice our foundational value of universal Liberty by treating an entire group of people as our enemy. 

Let’s put the Trumpian bullshit to bed, never succumb to the fear they want us to feel, and never let the  motherfuckers win.