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Today I am extremely disappointed that the P5+1 chose to sign an agreement with Iran. This deal is in the interest of not a single nation except Iran. It is a negotiating coup for Iran and a tragedy for the world.

I predict that in the next 10 years, a real, honest to God arms race will begin between Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Israel, Lebanon and who knows who else. Seriously, does everyone realize how SHORT is the span of 10-20 years?

Of course, it may not take 10 years. For one thing, Israel will probably try to “solve the problem” itself now. I would not blame them but it could bring world war III about if they do.

Furthermore, when has Iran ever told the truth or met an obligation to which they agreed? In Iran’s mind, this is simply 6 nations negotiating with Allah. Breaking their word to make way for the Hidden Imam is probably considered as honorable as funding terrorists to blow up children and become martyrs.

As a condition of this deal, Iran need not disclose any of the previous military aspects of its nuclear development. Iran need not stop enriching uranium; not even at Natanz (where 1000s of centrifuges will continue spinning). The Arak heavy water reactor and the associated plutonium plant does not even need to be taken out of service, just “converted”. Fifteen years from now, even that heavy water restriction will expire. IR-8 and IR-6 centrifuges will continue to be developed and 8.5 years from now they be spinning up 30 more IR-6s. In the several-thousand year history of Iranian culture 8 1/2 years, 10 years, 15 years are but a minuscule flash. We’re removing sanctions now but in that “flash” of time they will be back and stronger than ever. Iran will not need to sneak into “Club Nuke”, they’ll get free tickets and a backstage pass!

We could not even get Iran to agree to stop financing Hezbollah, to agree to stop calling for the destruction of Israel, to cut back on executions by stoning, or to agree to unrestricted inspection access to the production sites.

So… I have to ask… What exactly did the P5+1 win in this negotiation?

I see nothing.What I see is 6 nations who simply gave up on negotiating and instead chose to immediately grow Iran’s $400B economy by like  25% by infusing it with $150B that is being unfrozen in foreign financial institutions.

And, in return, what did they get?

To me it looks like almost nothing.