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This coming week (specifically January 27th) marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – the techno-sophisticated, hyper-efficient, murder-factory that exterminated about 1.1 MILLION innocent human beings. When the Auschwitz-Berkenau State Museum commemorated the 60th anniversary, about 1500 survivors attended. For this 70th they expect around 300 and most are in their 90s or early 100s. Needless to say, when the 80th arrives the number will almost certainly be ZERO.

This commemoration will be the last to include survivors. Some of the bastards who deny the Shoah, some of the rising tide of European antisemites, some of the Muslim Israel-haters, and some of the increasingly widespread global body of apathetic people who simply don’t give a shit may think that we who fight for the memory of our martyrs will now shut the hell up.

But, my friends, I’m here to tell you that silence, even in the face of a dead generation, is not an option. We will not EVER let the memory or our Jewish martyrs, and the equally abominable murders of homosexuals, “Gypsies”, handicapped people, prisoners of war, etc., die out. If the world’s community of assholes think we will shut-up then they have another thing coming.

This week, in the face of the last “decade commemoration” of the evil of Auschwitz-Berkenau, I promise to become INCREASINGLY vocal about what occurred and INCREASINGLY intolerant of denial and apathy; not only about the Shoah but about all crimes against humanity.

I call upon all my friends, colleagues, and followers to do the same.