An Open Letter to Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Posted: October 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

Dear Judge Barrett,

Congratulations on your confirmation. You are not the Justice who I want and people really should stop pretending that you resemble the genius of Justice Ginsburg. Who knows, you might. But, like RBG, only the time you take to prove it will tell. It will be a tough sell and I’d encourage you to try you hand at being rational despite the person who nominated you.

I see nothing that makes me think you are an immoral or unethical person. In fact, you just said exactly the right things about the separation between your personal beliefs and the law and your separation from political aims. Only time will tell if you act as you have spoken. I hope you will.

I’m always one to respect people until they give me reason not too. Sadly, the guy who nominated you and virtually everyone who voted for your confirmation has fallen into that latter category. That doesn’t mean you will. Think rationally and give all people their share of dignity and perhaps you won’t damage the union too much more.

Now, there IS something that will put you into my disrespected category very quickly. That is if you make decisions that are neither founded in rationality, nor in your Christian morality, nor in you scholarly knowledge of constitutional law. If you make decisions based on politics – as you said 5 minutes ago you would not – and contradict the morality that I hope you possess, then you move to to my disrespect list. Forever.

Here’s what you absolutely must remember. Assuming that you are qualified for this job, and sincere about what you just said about the law, you owe Donald Trump nothing. You owe Mitch McConnell nothing either. Don’t make irreversible decisions based on owing evil forces a debt. You don’t!

I implore you not to mess with this American election, to respect precedent, and to not destroy someone’s legacy just because Donald Trump has a vendetta against a great black President. The country is now largely in your hands. Please don’t contribute to destroying it just because out current President wants. They may be evil; you need not be. Prove yourself worthy of your new position by being beholden to no one.

Good luck.

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