Still Time to Vote! – Get a move on!

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


I have friends and family who strongly disagree with my contention that Donald Trump has many of the behaviors of a certain German leader in the years before WWII, a fascist leaning reminiscent of Mussolini, and a following that is taken nearly verbatim from Elias Canetti’s book “Crowds and Power”. Many of you are not reminded of 1933. Many of you don’t know the history of Europe to which I refer. Some of you don’t care. That is your right.

No matter what you think of my personal position, I hope you will take one last look at the possibility that I’m right and ask yourself if you see a risk to a Trump presidency. I hope I’ve been compelling enough to at least make you think a little.

If I’ve convinced you of nothing then please know that I still love you all and I respect your opinions and unconditionally respect your right to have them.While I want you to believe what I believe I know that many of you don’t. Still, I must tell you this:

The only way to create the country you want to see, the only way to create change, is to use the right that so many of our fore(mothers) have fought for for 2 centuries. Regardless of whether or not you are on my side of this terrifying election…..

Get out and vote!


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