Heil Trump: 1938 Translated from the German 

Posted: October 14, 2016 in Politics
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Anyone who disagrees with Mr. Trump is now the enemy. We are conspiring against him. We are trying to take control of the media. We are trying to take control of the banks. He will resort to legal means to halt our First Amendment rights to freedom of the press. He says that we will do whatever is necessary to enrich our global financial power. Mr. Trump has now taken Hitler’s playbook word for word.

I heard a Trump supporter on the news today. He said: “So what if Trump groped some women. Doesn’t this country have more important problems to deal with?” 

No, we don’t.

Mr. Trump represents the resurgence of the 1930’s right here in our midst. HE is our biggest problem. He can thinly veil his racist nationalism all he wants. But this is National Socialist propaganda in 21st-century garb. He is no longer even being creative. He simply translates from the German. 

Since his supporters seem to think Mr. Trump is the Messiah perhaps he can bring Leni Riefenstahl back from the dead for a few last minute campaign ads.

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