Voodoo, Fear, Possums, Furry Things, Assorted Genetalia, and Other Really Funny Shit: Learning to Live from Jenny Lawson (at least until the Zombie Apocalypse Comes)

Posted: July 3, 2016 in Book Reviews
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Do you guys know who Jenny Lawson is?

I’m embarrassed to say that I had never heard of Jenny Lawson until a few weeks ago when my friend Austin told me to read her book “Furiously Happy“. I sometimes find my inability to keep up with culture funny; usually I just beat myself up about it. That actually makes me a perfect audience for Jenny Lawson.

Well… That and one more thing…

I’m a guy who’s life is made much better by the miracle of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. It may be thanks to Jenny Lawson that I can even tell you that. I don’t know. I definitely know that my issues have about a millionth the impact on my life that Jenny’s have on hers. I also know that she is at least a million times better than I at turning those issues into both insanely funny stories and extraordinarily poignant lessons in dealing with mental illness. Well actually not just mental illness; Lawson’s lessons are really life lessons for all of us. This is partly because, as she reminds us, every one of us falls somewhere on the spectrum of mental illness. But, even if you don’t believe that there is much to learn from Jenny Lawson.

Basically, as for “Furiously Happy“, you all just have to read it. Is an amazing book. I have done one better in listening to the audio book which is read by the author. But, whatever. Experience this book!!! Trust me. One way or other, someday you’ll be tested on it.

Now… There is a certain class of people who will say that this is really a girl book, the textual version of a “chick flick”. I beg to differ. I am definitely a dude and I most definitely dig Jenny.

I don’t know why anyone would say a guy would not get this book. Jenny talks a lot about vaginas. But we guys like vaginas.

Maybe we are not supposed to understand Voodoo Vaginas but, even then, I don’t know why not. A Voodoo Vagina is what happens when you take a fake stuffed vagina with a little baby inside (just a teaching tool for God’s sake!) and you put real human pubic hair on it and it turns into a sort of voodoo doll. Makes sense to me.

So, I think it’s a perfectly awesome book for guys.

Another possibility is that we won’t find all of the stories as funny as women do because we have different experiences as guys. I don’t buy that either. I laughed my ass off… Continually going “hahahahahaha that’s just like MY  wife”. 🙂 See… It works fine for us Jenn. Sell more books to dudes!

Okay I gave away the Voodoo Vaginas. I won’t spoil any more of the book. I won’t go on about taxidermy, cat mittens, packing material, therapy, child rearing, hair pulling, cutting, giraffe heads,  pool possums, tax-deductible costumes, travel fears, um….oops… Shit.

Those are only a tiny fraction of the themes so I really did not damage your experience. Besides, her stories are what’s funniest and at least I didn’t tell you any of them. Except the… <kidding>

Look…. Seriously… This is an amazing book and Jenny is a hilarious reader. Please take time to check out “Furiously Happy“. Even if you don’t like her “potty mouth” you can’t possibly avoid laughing. More importantly you will learn a lot from the “serious” parts. Perhaps most important of all, this is a rare chance to experience someone who struggles with mental illness but who, unlike most of us, has the guts to admit it, to ask for help, and to use her amazing sense of humor to help the rest of us to strengthen our ability to deal with our demons.

This ain’t a chick book. It’s a human one.

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