Honor the Protesters

Posted: March 11, 2016 in My moral code, Politics
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Donald Trump’s fans say that protesters were trying to deny Mr.Trump his right to free speech. But this is silly because they aren’t protesting against his right to speak; they are doing so against his policies.

Threatening protesters, kicking them out of your rally, and saying that you want to punch them in the face is restricting THEIR right to free speech.

And… In related news… Threatening to make it easier to sue the press is trampling on the right to freedom of the press, which, you may know, might just be only 4 words later in the good old First Amendment. Oh yeah… and for the hell of it, please don’t forget the 2 glorious clauses before the semicolon: you can’t establish a Christian country here either.

So, Donald, don’t talk about freedoms for you that you won’t give to others. You can’t just pick and choose the clauses you happen to like. That would be… You guessed it… Fascism.

I only wish people could have had the freedom that we in the US are blessed with back in the early 1930’s when Hitler and Mussolini could have been stopped. I honor the protesters for standing against America’s Fascist.

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