In Support of my contention that the Iran nuke deal will never work.

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Politics
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When the world was neotating with Iran over it’s Nuclear program, I angered most of my Democrat friends by saying I thought it was a tragic mistake to agree with what was created. I said that I saw nothing in the agreement that benefited anyone but Iran.

Already we are seeing the Iranian advantage and we have not even unfrozen their assets. We see Iran breaking the agreement. We mention sanctions. The Wall Street Journal reports this:

Under the nuclear accord, Iran will soon receive $100 billion in unfrozen assets as well as the ability to court investors who are already streaming to Tehran. Sanctioning a few names is feckless by comparison, and Iran is denouncing even this meager action as a U.S. violation of the nuclear deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded to the sanctions reports on Thursday by ordering his defense minister to accelerate Iran’s missile program. Your move, Mr. Obama.

Mr. Rouhani was supposed to be moderate and better than his nutcase predecessor. He’s not. He’s a puppet of the Supreme Nutcase just like anyone else in his position would be. He will blame us in the evil west for everything bad in the world, he will build rockets, he will break commitments, he will spin up his centrifuges, and he will continue his nuclear program unabated and uninhibited. 

I do not support another war. I do not have answers. But, I will say that it certainly did not take much time to prove that I was not as naive as some of you thought. 

Iran is not now, and never will be, a trustable partner. The rockets aren’t going to be directed only within the region. When some nut in the future prophesies that the Hidden Imam is ready to return, be ready for a nuclear confrontation. 

Just sayin’


  1. twa44 says:

    Totally agreed then and do now! Hope you are feeling good

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