It seems that, each year, the usurpation of every single Christmas Carol for the purpose of selling more stuff bothers me more.  Maybe this year I’m just a bit extra grumpy from the steroids I’m taking after my brain radiation. Or, maybe I’m just in one of my moods. But, this year, I’m getting pretty tired of Christmas advertising.

After all my years of questioning religious dogma you may be surprised that I say this but:

my religious Christian friends are right when they say “Jesus is the reason for the season”. 

We can extend that into my Jewish context  by remembering that the rededication of the 2nd temple after having our culture threatened by much greater military force is the reason for Hanukkah. We should even remember that the pagan roots of seasonal traditions like Christmas Trees are really about the solstice and the timing of our fragile planet’s Gaia-esque lifecycle. Even my athiest and agnostic friends can relate to celebrating another year of living on a funky little blue planet that is so full of unceasing wonder, and so unlikely to have borne us. The main thing, to me, is that in the darkness of winter we can celebrate our faiths and our vision of a world healed and renewed.

It is no secret that I don’t believe what my Christian friends believe. I don’t focus my life on eschatology, I focus it on what I know I can affect by working for this life, not a next one. If you guys are right and there is some place called “Heaven” please put in a good word for me because I think I’m a good guy and do good work for the world. In the meantime the extent of the eschatological Steve Bilow is limited to leaving a decent place for those who will follow me, to live. If I don’t clean up my Karma and I have to reincarnate without being promoted to Mavatar Bilow for another 1000 lives. so be it.

That said, here is my message to my Christian pals.

What I think and believe should be entirely irrelevant to you. It is what you believe that is important. Furthermore, if you respect me and I respect you then we will always be able to learn from each other, to understand the unknown better, and to love each other more. So, let’s just do that and continue healing the universe together.

Please at least consider this:

If you think that you have a belief system that will improve the world without disrespecting others, murdering people, or infringing on other people’s freedoms and liberties, pursue it with gusto. Just stay open to the high likelihood they we Jews, most Muslims, the Hindus, Buddhists, Shintos, Unitarians, Mormons, athiests, Jains, agnostics, Taoists, and others also have the same goals. I may call dogma “irrational” but I’ll apologize right now it that offends you. All I ask in return is an equal amount of respect.

The Unitarian Universalists have a very beautiful saying. They say:

One light, many windows.

That was taught to me by one of my followers and it sums things up very well.

My own way of saying the same thing is to tell the story of the blind men and the elephant:

One blind man is near an elephant’s leg and thinks an elephant is like a tree. Another, is by his tail and thinks an elephant is like a snake. A third is by his trunk and thinks an elephant is a big garden hose. All are right based on their available data. 

Substitute the word “God” for “Elephant” and you can imagine us as each having limited knowledge of something we can’t see and about which we can never have more than speculative data.

I like the UU concept better.

And on the topic of respect:

I would say that every television or radio commercial that usurps your festive and holy music to sell a car, a toy, a movie, a diamond, a perfum, a bar of soap, an insurance policy, a debt restructuring plan, a condom, a plane ticket, a larger erection, a cure for COPD, a new job as a highly paid truck driver, an adjustable bed, a new vertical blind, an HDTV, a department store gift card, some nice new jeans, or anything else, is an affront to your beliefs. So, Christian friends, what you should really be offended by is the usurping of Christmas by commercialism. If you really want more for respect Christianity then don’t let it become a bacchanal of commercialism.

All that said, I’m off to work. Hopefully I’ll listen to some Christmas music on XM Radio. There I can contemplate love, joy, peace, God, holiness, truck driving, and perhaps a bit of erectile dysfunction. If the latter 2 outweigh the former 5, well, that’s why God invented audio books.

I wish all who celebrate Christmas a blessed Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas Day. Please fill it with the love and light, the care for the less fortunate, and the peaceful compassion that the Christ in which you believe would have it filled.

Merry Christmas!

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