Republicans condone killing civilians

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Extremism, My moral code, Politics
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I watched the Republican debate the other night and I have one observation. With the exception of 2 candidates (Bush and Paul) every other Republican candidate appears to condone killing civilians in what the Geneva Conventions clearly denote as war crimes.

Perhaps the guys were just on TV to look tough, and a couple of the questions were so loaded that they elicited well deserved boos, but the majority of the Republican candidates appear to have said that they will willingly commit war crimes to protect the American people.

  • The great Donald Trump wants to kill the families of terrorist and would be terrorists.
  • Ben Carson got a terribly biased moderator comment about killing thousands of civilians. But, loaded or not, he basically said “you bet”.
  • Chris Christie wants to start WWIII with Russia (but has now clarified that by saying we are already in WWIII with ISIS.)

Ted Cruz, who looks like a bad SNL skit when he says this, wants to “Carpet Bomb” ISIS. But he’s clear that he does not want to Carpet Bomb entire cities of neighborhoods, just “the places where ISIS is“. But he forgets one thing: Exactly where the fuck IS ISIS?

Mr. Cruz evidently does know that ISIS is not just a military entity but a political one. Not only are they IN the cities; the ARE the cities. So to condone “Carpet Bombing” (which is nothing more than indiscriminate bombing that could never be a military option under the Geneva Conventions has never been considered a viable American tactic for decades) means nothing more that killing civilians.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure this is just TV tough talk. But, still, every one of the Republican candidates who has any chance of winning the nomination, stood before millions of television viewers, looked straight into a camera, and said “I will protect you and I will commit the war crimes of civilian murder to do it”.

Here we have some of America’s finest values in a state of utter corruption. American exceptionalism is alive and well. I am a strong believer in American exceptionalism. It’s just that I always though it was about out political structure not our humanity. It’s good to know that the final Republican contender, whoever he or she is, will look out for Americans: Not because our country is great but because they think that an American life is worth 1000s of the lives of anyone else, even if it means committing atrocities.

If you think it can’t happen here, think again.


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