King County Voter’s Guide Features Jew Hating Screed

Posted: July 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

In case you think that the Pacific Northwest is any better than any other place when it comes to Jew hatred. Un-fucking-believable.

The Mike Report

“I’m now the first to blow the whistle on Seattle’s Jewish Mafia… I know who the enemy is, and I’m not afraid to stick it to ’em.” -David Blomstrom: King County Voter’s Guide

Do you worry about the “Jewish Mafia”? David Blomstrom does, and he’s eager to tell you about it. The problem is that Blomstrom propagates his Jew hating obsession at taxpayer’s expense. As a candidate running in Seattle School District 1 for the office of Director of school position 3, Blomstrom, who describes himself as an “anti-anti-Semite“, shared his twisted platform in the King County Voter’s Guide (P.73) for the upcoming August 2015 primary.

While perusing the voter’s guide, David E. Behar of Seattle was jarred after stumbling across Blomstrom’s bizarre candidate statement. He immediately authored a letter to King County Councilmembers and the County Director of Elections. 

David E. Behar. Photo Credit: The Mike ReportDavid E. Behar. Photo Credit: The Mike Report

“I admittedly am not…

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