What we’re up against

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

Thanks for sharing the silliness (again) Dr. Coyne.

Why Evolution Is True

BuzzFeed’s Matt Stopera (who also took the photos shown below ) collected 22 pictures of people who attended the Ham/Nye debate in Kentucky and identified themselves as creationists.

Stopera asked each of them to write down their “message to people who believe in evolution.”  See the link for all the questions (many of them predictable), but I’ve chosen a few examples to post. The sad thing is that nearly all these people are young—the target audience for science educators.  It’s not clear whether they’d already seen the debate or not, but, being creationists, that probably wouldn’t have affected their questions.

Read and weep, o brethren:

First, someone who doesn’t know the hominin fossil record:

Picture 6

The very concept of  this sort of “purpose” implies God, yet she has no evidence for Him:

Picture 10

Noetics? What does that have to do with evidence?

Picture 1

Answer: because of the laws of physics…

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