RE-BLOG: Rabbi Joe Black: A Prayer in the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Because I love Judaism I can never be a pure rationalist, On Compassion
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I did not write this and I’m not sure it represents my own philosophy of good and evil. But it is a beautiful prayer from the Senior Rabbi at Temple Emanuel in Denver and, frankly, I’d rather read the optimistic words that Rabbi Black shared than the angry one’s I wanted to write. Thanks Rabbi.


Our God who dwells in the highest heights and in the souls of our feet:

We find You in the passion of those who delight in testing and celebrating the power of their bodies:

· The runners who push themselves to find new challenges in the rhythm of the road and the camaraderie of the race;

· The doctors, medics, police, fire fighters and bystanders whose dedication to humanity drives them to run into the fray – towards the bruised and bloodied bodies in the streets.

On this day of destruction, we need to remember that the race is not for the swift[i]; there is no finish line for those who seek a better world.

Neither bombs, nor blood, not death, nor destruction can deter us from running, O God.

We run to You.

We run towards a vision of perfection that is always in our sights.

We run determined to never allow hatred to obscure Your presence.

We run to build a better world.

Be with those who have lost loved ones on this tragic day.

Send comfort and healing to the injured and the maimed.

Heal them – heal us all – body and soul – as we strive to find You.

Give us hope.

Help us to use our arms, our legs, our breath, our determination to unite in a common purpose.

In our grief may we find the strength to keep on running.


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