Listen Up Theocrats: Faith is NO EXCUSE

Posted: February 10, 2013 in My moral code, On Compassion
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It was the 25th of December, 2011 when 5-year old Lamia Al-Ghamdi was admitted to a Saudi Arabian hospital with a crushed skull, broken ribs, a broken arm, a broken back, bruising, burns, and  a torn rectum. She died last October.

This horrific atrocity was carried out on this CHILD by none other than her FATHER, Fayhan Al- Ghamdi, an Islāmic cleric. He is a well-respected religious leader who serves as a regular guest on several Muslim television networks. A man, to whom others come for advice, confessed to using cables and a cane to torture the girl. And, do you know why he did this? Because he “doubted her virginity“!!!!

In most parts of this world this pitiful imitation of a human being would have been called a rapist and a murderer. He would have been severely punished – jailed for life or perhaps executed.

But this isn’t “most parts of the world”. This is Saudi Arabia. This is one of those Islamic Theocracies where women, irrespective of age, are barely more than chattel. And you know what you get for such a heinous crime in Saudi Arabia? The judge sentences you to pay some “blood money” to the child’s  mother; and, after having served a short jail term, you are free to go.

So, here is how things work in an Islāmic Theocracy: If you are a woman and get raped you get stoned to death. If you are a man and do the raping you get a fine. Even in the 10th century this would be a monumental injustice. In the 21st it is one of the greatest blights on humanity.

Here is my big question: Where does the blame lie? With the clergy? With the courts? With the overzealous nutcase Islāmic extremest leaders? Sure.

But it also lies with every single person who lives in these societies and allows themselves to be coerced into believing that they live in a just society.

NO RELIGION teaches that such behavior is inherently acceptable. Not Christianity, nor Judaism, nor Islam. I personally know many Muslims who call this behavior as atrocious as do I. This is not what Quran teaches any more than the New Testament says that the Inquisition should have happened. To call it spiritually justified in the height of irrationality.

Which brings me to the reason that I blame every member of the societies who accept this as justice. Every one of those people is a human. They ALL have the power of reason. They CHOOSE to hold irrational beliefs. You can believe whatever you want to believe, but you can’t escape the need to MAKE the CHOICE.

I believe that every human being possesses two attributes: Reason and value. Any belief system that can’t use the first in a way that comes to acknowledge the second takes us further away from empathy and compassion. Without those all you have is dogma.

And dogma unconstrained is the reason that a child can be tortured, raped, and murdered for the price of a little “Blood Money”.

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