Sign the Petition to Legally Recognize Westboro Baptist Church as a Hate Group

Posted: December 26, 2012 in My moral code, Politics, Science and Religion
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There are 2 things that make me angrier than almost anything else in the entire universe. They are disrespecting military personnel killed in the line of duty and expressing anything other than outrage at the killing of children.  I do not understand the Westboro Baptist Church’s stance on homosexuality but, I suppose I could accept that their view differs from mine. What I can not respect, will not sanction, and believe to be among the most evil acts known to humanity is the ridiculous picketing that they do at military funerals and that they threatened to do at the funerals of the children murdered in Connecticut, just over a week ago. These people are the absolute embodiment of evil. If I believed in a “hell”, I would want them sent there en masse. Since I don’t, the best I can do is to help eradicate them. What all of us can do toward than end is to sign the “We The People” petition at and to have them declared, by the US government, as an utter menace to our way of life. In reality, they are within their first amendment rights to say and do what they do. That is the downside of a free society. None the less, we need millions of people to stand against their divisive, hateful, reprehensible, and evil ways. So, to all my followers, I want to urge you to stand for unity; diversity; unconditional respect for human life; and, if you believe in a God, a God who is benevolent. Join me in standing against the evil of the Westboro Baptist Church and their insanity.

Sign the petition here –

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