The Mayans had a complex and sophisticated set of calendars, but most people only know one thing about them: supposedly the “calendar” ended today. I’m not sure exactly what time it’s going to end but it’s already after noon here and I’m not feeling any earthquakes or brimstone or ANYTHING yet. So, I’m starting to have my doubts. Maybe it isn’t going to happen. I guess there are 11 more hours to go, so we’ll see. If I’m wrong, and the world does end, hope you enjoyed the BLOG. ūüôā

Here’s an interesting tidbit. Do you know where the Mayan calendar came from? Well… It was given to the Maya by the god¬†Itzamna. So, my first question to all the people who think the world will end is this: Unless you happen to believe in the god¬†Itzamna, why the hell do you give a damn about the calendar?

Let’s assume Itzamna was right. The calendar is still cyclical and, at the end of a cycle, guess what happens? IT STARTS OVER! And, a new cycle does not have to mean that everything associated with the old one vanishes. So, what’s the big deal?

Besides, the Mayan calendar has things called “long counts” and things called “short counts”; and the largest single unit of the long count is 1 Alautun which is just over 63 Million years. First, I hope that no¬†fundamentalist¬†Christian believes in the Mayan calendar because it would be tough for a 63 million year period to end only 6 thousand years after God created the world ūüôā Second, I’ll bet there’s a margin of error¬†somewhere¬†in the calculation.

So, I see a few problems here. First, I know nothing about the Mayan calendar and just took some random things I found in Wikipedia and scrunched them together. There is nothing rational about anything I said above. AND THAT’S THE PROBLEM. You see, you can’t take fragments of knowledge, throw them together, and pretend you have an¬†argument. Somewhere along the way you need to disqualify¬†illicit¬†terms, disambiguate,properly form an¬†argument¬† and build something rational. If you can’t, as I have surly¬†not done above, you don’t have an¬†argument.

In other words, you can’t just blabber on, you have to THINK. Thinking is, to the best of our knowledge, the only¬†truly¬†uniquely human attribute. If you don’t think, use your rational faculties, and take advantage of reason, you don’t have anything except neo-Platonic fluff.

This is exactly the problem with every nonsensical end of the world scenario. They are always built of irrational premises. Sometimes it’s the book of Revelation; sometimes it’s the Talmudic understanding of the Messiah; sometimes it’s the return of the hidden Imam; sometimes is a whack job with 60 radio stations; sometimes it’s the alien craft that tagging along with a comet; and, TA DA, sometimes it’s the calendar that¬†Itzamna handed down to the Maya. NEVER, is it based on science, reason, rational discourse, properly formed argumentation, or high quality application of that brain we all have and so¬†under-utilize.

So, look…. believe whatever you want: The Bible, the Koran, the Gita, whatever. But, when the world never seems to end when you think it should, blame your INDIVIDUAL CHOICE to deny reason. And… whatever you do…


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