On the 40th anniversary of the Israeli Olympic athlete murders – The antisemitism underlying the IOC refusal to have a moment of silence!

Posted: July 22, 2012 in My moral code, On Compassion, Politics
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The 2002 Olympic games began with a moment of silence for the victims of 9/11. The 2010 Olympic games included a moment of silence to commemorate an athlete who died in a training accident. Yet, in 2012, the International Olympic Committee tells the families of the Israeli athletes who were MURDERED 40 years ago by a band or evil, spineless, Palestinian terrorists from Fatah’s Black September movement,  that a single ONE MINUTE of silence in memory of the most terrible event to ever occur at an Olympic games is “inappropriate at the opening of such a celebratory event”.

Today, in Tablet Magazine, Deborah Lipstadt wrote a piece that I enthusiastically support. In it, she wrote: ” The IOC’s explanation is nothing more than a pathetic excuse. The athletes who were murdered were from Israel and were Jews—that is why they aren’t being remembered. The only conclusion one can draw is that Jewish blood is cheap, too cheap to risk upsetting a bloc of Arab nations and other countries that oppose Israel and its policies.

That, my friends, is the all too sad and pitiful truth. The IOC has a long history of bad politics and embarrassing financial and managerial corruption. Still, they supposedly stand for unity and worldwide collaboration. But,  when a Luge accident is worthy of a moment of silence, while the 40th anniversary of the greatest Olympic tragedy in history is not, there is only one answer: Antisemitism.

How dare they.

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