Love According to Fischer – The American Family Association Guide to Loving Others

Posted: December 19, 2011 in My moral code, On Compassion, Politics
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Today, on his Radio Program “Focal Point”, the spokesman for the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, said that gays and lesbians are a risk to US security.  Mr. Fischer twists a tiny bit of research into such a knot that it becomes both devoid of context and intrinsically nonsensical to make it seem that anyone who does not conform of his idea of sexually “correct” is inherently mentally ill. But, why should this surprise us when Mr. Fischer is also the nut who said that repealing “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is “treasonous” because it leaves us with “with a military comprised of nothing but sexual deviants.” But let’s leave the stupid, irrational blabber aside so that we can look at some of Mr. Fischer’s even stupider, irrational blabber.

What could be stupider than to say that gays are intrinsically mentally ill? Well…. how about this:

“… to me it would not be a loving thing for God to say to Christopher Hitchens ‘you spent your entire life defying me, you’re still defying me. You died in defiance; you still are in defiance as you stand before me. You don’t want anything to do with me. You don’t want anything to do with my son. You don’t want anything to do with my Gospel. You don’t want anything to do with the word of God. You don’t want anything to do with other people that are followers of me.’ It would not be a loving thing to compel someone like Christopher Hitchens to spend the rest of eternity in a place that he hated; a place that he does not want to be; a place that he has no desire to be; a place that he has spent all of his life resisting, condemning, avoiding, refusing to embrace. To me, that’s not love, that would be a form of cruelty.”

But, wait. There is no context here. If I stop now, I’ll be accused of some stupid, irrational blabber of my own since I too will be dismissing context. So, I won’t stop. I’ll offer the requisite context.

The extended quotation I just provided was a summary of Mr. Fischer’s contention that “if the Scriptures mean anything” then Christopher Hitchens is now in Hell; and he’s there because God LOVES’s him“. First, Mr. Fischer, the “Scriptures” in your sentence means nothing more than “YOUR interpretation of the Christian scriptures”. The whole book you call the “old testament” is the “Hebrew Bible”, which never discusses “Hell” because “Hell” is a Christian concept. We Jews love the miracle of humanity too much to even have a concept of “Hell”. So it’s not “The” Scriptures. It’s your interpretation of scripture. But that is not what disgusts me about the line of “reasoning” (or shall we call it. “anti-reasoning”) you offer.

What I detest is your definition of “love”. If you define the word “love” to mean “allowing someone to be forever tortured in a mythical land of eternal torment” then you don’t define the word the way any dictionary does. You can’t just take a word and change its meaning to suit yourself. You have taken the word “love” and turned it into the word ‘hate”. That is not how language works. You see, you are not describing a loving, benevolent Being. You are describing a hateful one. And, here’s the rub: God is not the purveyor of hate. YOU are. You teach hatred toward gays (12/19/11); you teach hatred toward Mormons and Muslims (12/7/11); you teach hatred toward people who use words you dislike (11/29/11); you teach hatred toward Liberals (10/31/11); and now you are teaching hatred toward atheism, reason, intellectual honesty, and integrity in attacking Christopher Hitchens even as we mourn his death.

The best I can tell, Mr. Fischer, is that, if you are the representative of the American Family Association, then they should re-name themselves the “American Hatred Association”. Or maybe not. Maybe I can just do what you do with the word “love”. I can just change the word “Family” to mean “Hatred” and we’ll be all done!

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