How about “Occupy K Street”!

Posted: November 8, 2011 in My moral code, Politics
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You know, lots of people say that the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd is misdirected and really should be protesting at the White House and Congress. I have mixed feelings because, unlike some of the “occupiers” I believe that (in general) capitalism works better than any other economic system. I think there is a 3-fold problem: The abuse of government power, the abuse of union power, and the abuse of corporate power. It all comes down to a single word: “abuse”. It all comes down to a single issue “money without morality”. IMHO, that is not an inherent problem with capitalism. But it does seem to me that it’s a problem with some unethical uses of capital. So here’s my new idea: “OCCUPY K STREET!” Kill crony capitalism and replace it with integrity. (You haters of capitalism can feel free to lock, load, and fire at me now.)

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