Happy Birthday Caylee

Posted: August 8, 2011 in On Compassion
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We have a very specific judicial process in the United States; specifically for the purpose of insuring that innocent people are not convicted of crimes. You are innocent until you are proven guilty. You have the right to a jury of your peers. And, you don’t have to prove you are innocent because unless someone else proves you are guilty you don’t get punished. It’s really a very good system.

Of course, well into the 1960’s it didn’t work particularly well for anyone who wasn’t white. Then came OJ Simpson and it worked a little too well for someone who isn’t white. And now the system seems to have worked just fine for Casey Anthony. She was not proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. That’s the end of the story. The system did what the system does.

Personally, I find that appalling. But I accept it because I find it equally appalling when we use DNA evidence to prove that we’ve already “accidentally” put someone innocent to death. So, I have to accept what the system tries to do. But here is what I don’t accept.

I don’t accept that the little “not quite proven to be murderer” is now running around Southern California in her rich, but unethical, lawyer’s mansion and will probably get millions of dollars in offers from editors and news organizations just for telling her story. I don’t see why a judge can’t find a way to prohibit her from profiting from this fiasco. But, that’s just me, I guess. Shit happens and the worst people in the world profit from it. Oh well.

I just think it’s a shame that for Caylee’s 6th birthday, her mother will be partying without her; and worse, without giving the slightest thought to a child who was brutally murdered just to make things easier. So, Caylee, I just want you to know that even if your mother doesn’t give a shit about human life and the beautiful miracle of childhood, there are millions of us out here who do.

Happy Birthday Caylee!

  1. Hilde says:

    HAPPY HEAVENLY BIRTHDAY sweet Angel Caylee!
    We will always remember You and never forget what has been done to You
    Justice will catch up with the Person who did that to You.
    You and God are the Only Ones who knows the Truth what happened on that fateful Day back in June of 2008.
    RIP sweet Angel Caylee

  2. Hilde says:

    If the Story that Casey Anthony is hiding in California at the Mansion of Attorney Todd Macaluso, is true, then All I have to say is Macaluso has his own Agenda for helping Casey Anthony out.
    It is not out of the Goodness of his Heart, that is for sure.
    Todd Macalus has shown to be unethical more than once.
    I don’t know the Man and I wouldn’t want to know someone like him.
    If he is hiding Casey Anthony than he is no better than she is.
    Shame on him. I guess they Both use each other.
    You are who You hang around with.
    Doesn’t say much for Both of them.
    Casey Anthony sacrificed her own Daughter for the Life she wants. Very sad indeed!
    Does Casey even remember her Daughter Caylee?
    Does she realize or even care it is Caylee’s Birthday today?
    No Wonder most of the People despise Casey Anthony!
    The People who are hanging around Casey Anthony now are no better than she is, nothing to brag about.

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