Responses to Atheism from the Far Christian Right: What would Jesus (NOT) do?

Posted: August 5, 2011 in My moral code, On Compassion
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Here are some examples of the kind and compassionate comments that were posted on the FOX News Facebook page after Blair Scott, Communications Director for American Atheists, appeared on FOX News a while back. These are taken from from the American Atheists website but I first found them on Jerry Coyne’s “Why Evolution is True” Blog.

I’m not an atheist and atheism is not my point. My point is that these same people would walk into a church and say that others should ask the question “What would Jesus do?” And… advocating shooting the people you don’t agree with is NOT what Jesus would do. (Of course, I’m no expert, but that New Testament book sure does spin him as a bit more tolerant than these guys).

I also want to be clear in saying that I don’t think this represents Christianity. Most people I interact with every day are Christian and even the fundamentalists with whom I most disagree would find this appalling. Not only that but I’ll also acknowledge that we Jews have our wackos too, and Islam has theirs. So, this is certainly not a “Christian-thing”. But it is certainly sad to see these comments from people who would say that they understand “God’s love”. THAT just kills me.

So, check these out:

I guess the point that I really want to make is this: If we don’t learn to live for tolerance, to preach tolerance, to teach tolerance, and to love our neighbors with tolerance, then the world will just continue to deteriorate until people like this have enough power to destroy the American vision of equality and acceptance. This represents a small (but arguably growing) minority. Still, it is a horror and it does represent a segment of the American psyche. It’s bad and it must stop if the human race plans to continue.

And… what about having tolerance for people like those who have posted these comments? Well… I suppose there are limits to everything – because, I don’t.

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