A Straight Guy Perspective on New York Gay Marriage – An Over-Simplification With Which I’m Totally Content

Posted: July 26, 2011 in My moral code

There are a few things that I just like to whittle down to their bare essentials. One of those is love; another is commitment. If two people want to commit their lives to each other then we and God and government should share their joy, respect their love, and admire their commitment; end of story. Gay, straight, whatever. Humanity is full enough of hatred. There is plenty of hate to go around. And… there are more than enough people who won’t make commitments. In a world like that, my opinion is that politics and religion should stay out of it. Love is love and if it’s between two guys or two women, so what. Fundamentalist religion, whether Jewish or Muslim or Christian,  has no business trying to make the world a worse place when it sucks enough as it is. Let’s respect all people and celebrate all love! End of story. BRAVO NEW YORK.

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