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Lessons From the Jewish Genome

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Sounds like a pretty cool event from my friends at Technion!

Several professional titles grace Gad Rennert’s signature, giving him charge of Clalit’s National Cancer Control Center and Personalized Medicine Program, and its Breast and Colorectal Cancer Detection Program. Clalit is Israel’s largest health provider. He is also a Technion professor at The Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and chairman of the Department of Community Medicine and Epidemiology at the Technion-affiliated Carmel Medical Center.

Dr. Rennert wears many hats, but his interests are mostly focused on cancer genetics. Renowned for his large-scale studies of breast cancer and BRCA gene mutations in Israeli women, he has launched the First International Conference on “Founder Populations and their Contribution to our Understanding of Biology and History – Lessons from the Jewish Genome” (July 10-13, Haifa, Israel). We recently had the opportunity to interview him about this most exciting initiative.

What makes this gathering the first of its kind?

gadi Dr. Gad Rennert


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Pierre Boulez (1925-2016)

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Source: Pierre Boulez (1925-2016)

When the world was neotating with Iran over it’s Nuclear program, I angered most of my Democrat friends by saying I thought it was a tragic mistake to agree with what was created. I said that I saw nothing in the agreement that benefited anyone but Iran.

Already we are seeing the Iranian advantage and we have not even unfrozen their assets. We see Iran breaking the agreement. We mention sanctions. The Wall Street Journal reports this:

Under the nuclear accord, Iran will soon receive $100 billion in unfrozen assets as well as the ability to court investors who are already streaming to Tehran. Sanctioning a few names is feckless by comparison, and Iran is denouncing even this meager action as a U.S. violation of the nuclear deal. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded to the sanctions reports on Thursday by ordering his defense minister to accelerate Iran’s missile program. Your move, Mr. Obama.

Mr. Rouhani was supposed to be moderate and better than his nutcase predecessor. He’s not. He’s a puppet of the Supreme Nutcase just like anyone else in his position would be. He will blame us in the evil west for everything bad in the world, he will build rockets, he will break commitments, he will spin up his centrifuges, and he will continue his nuclear program unabated and uninhibited. 

I do not support another war. I do not have answers. But, I will say that it certainly did not take much time to prove that I was not as naive as some of you thought. 

Iran is not now, and never will be, a trustable partner. The rockets aren’t going to be directed only within the region. When some nut in the future prophesies that the Hidden Imam is ready to return, be ready for a nuclear confrontation. 

Just sayin’


Happy New Year!

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Thanks to all who supported me in 2015. I’m taking your love into 2016 and hoping to return it tenfold. Happy New Year!

Tumor MRI Thank You Note Front-1

On Christmas Day I had the opportunity to photograph a wonderful Christmas meal at Congregation Beth Israel in Portland Oregon. The event is an annual one but I had never been able to attend. Photos of the event itself may appear in several other media. But, unlike the ones I’ve provided to the participating organizations, the photographs here are not for PR and Marketing purposes. These are something very different.

This is a project that will grow over time. For now, I want to end 2015 by paying tribute to the humanity and dignity of every Oregonian by presenting the first pieces of my new Photo Essay “Faces of Need”. I hope you enjoy these images and that they remind you that every human being is a unique and wonderful creation, worth of love, respect, dignity, shelter, sustenance, and compassion.

Ponder these faces and think.



Faces of Need: A Photo Essay

By: Steven Craig Bilow

Faces of Need - Portland (web)-2Faces of Need - Portland (web)-3Faces of Need - Portland (web)-19Faces of Need - Portland (web)-1Faces of Need - Portland (web)-14Faces of Need - Portland (web)-15Faces of Need - Portland (web)-6Faces of Need - Portland (web)-12Faces of Need - Portland (web)-21Faces of Need - Portland (web)-7Faces of Need - Portland (web)-8Faces of Need - Portland (web)-23Faces of Need - Portland (web)-18Faces of Need - Portland (web)-11Faces of Need - Portland (web)-24Faces of Need - Portland (web)-5Faces of Need - Portland (web)-17Faces of Need - Portland (web)-10Faces of Need - Portland (web)-9Faces of Need - Portland (web)-20Faces of Need - Portland (web)-4Faces of Need - Portland (web)-22Faces of Need - Portland (web)-16Faces of Need - Portland (web)-13

I have not written about my radiation treatment since it ended. But, we are a few weeks out now and I’m still on some meds. Specifically, I’ve been talking 2 mg of Dexamethasone and my doctor wants me to up that to 4 mg. This is a steroid intended to keep some inflammation at bay. But, it make me weird (weirder?) and so I think it’s fair game for sharing.

I’m not going to get crazy writing. Rather, I’ll just share what I told my friends on Factbook.

Yesterday my friend and neighbor of 25+ years asked to talk for a few minutes. A bit aprehensivly, I went over to his house; fearing thet I had done something ill advised, or wrong, or perhaps just plain offensive. Dave was actually just concerned about me and he wanted to share something that I will in turn share with you.

Compassionately but with his characteristic candor, Dave told me that he has noticed that, since my radiation treatment (probably because I’m on steroids as part of my post-treatment recovery but I don’t know) I have sometimes behaved in a way that is uncharacteristic of who he knows me to be. 

He did not say this directly but I know that I’ve been more argumentative, angrier, less rested, less tolerant, and in general, an asshole. Those are my words not Dave’s. Still, I know that’s what he meant because I’m not stupid and I see it myself.
So there are 2 things I want to say to everyone. 
First, I’m very blessed to have friends in my life who would have the balls to look me in the eye and honestly call me on my behaviors in a compassionate, loving way. Depending on ME, Dave’s words could have gone very wrong so, really, I’m equally blessed to have the emotional maturity to accept those words.

Second, and for all of you, more important is this: Please know that I am taking several milligrams of steroids per day to control the inflammation that results from hitting tissue with a large does of radiation. I have acted strangely, as Dave pointed out, on more than one occasion. This will not last and you may or may not ever see it. But, if you do, please 

(a) feel free to call me on it and 

(b) be aware that it’s not about you or my relationship with you. 

Perhaps you remember me once saying that they could do whatever they wanted to my brain as long as they did not hurt the part that makes me funny. Well, rest assured that this funny little Jewish man with the 40 years of Kriya Yoga and Vispassina meditation practice has not gone away. If it seems that way then I ask that you stick with me and know it’s just temporary and med related. And… I apologize in advance if you have to see in me what Dave did.
Clearly, most of my followers don’t actually interact, hang with, or even know me. But, I hope that seeing what I said to those who do will give you some insight into who I am and how I view myself. I hope, too, that something I said to my friends can help you with yours.

Shavuah Tov and Namiste!